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Funtastic Payment​

Be the real Creativepreneur! Earn money directly from sharing your daily activities on social media anytime, anywhere.

PT NKI has obtained approval from Bank Indonesia as a Financial Technology Operator registered with Bank Indonesia, with Letter No. 20/114 / DKSP / Srt / B
Registered as a Member of the Fintech Indonesia Association
Registered with the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia as Electronic System Operator with Letter No. 00993 / DJAI.PSE / 07/2018
Registered as a member of Nexticorn.

Basic Banking Service Solutions specially made for you who

Enjoy an easy way of earning, spending and managing money with your creativity which is perfect for the millennial soul. Start your day by sharing your inspirations with others while enjoying our banking services which can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Payment Service with Social Media
and Chatting Platform Based


Money transfer, QR Payment, Invoices, Receive Payment, Pulsa, Data Packages and Electric Token.

Expand your network.

Expand network, get more friends, become even more creative and receive more benefits


Transfer money to one or to many people as easy as daily text.



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